5-Man Flag Football Plays-Offense Hodnocení aplikace

Works great.

Our team has a lot more plays and they are easy to learn to

Great App!

Awesome to be able to check out plays and come up with variations based on the plays on the app, really good idea. Doesn't bother me that plays are stored as photos, just multi-task. Worth the 99 cents!

Not smart enough

This ap has potential but lacks a lot. You cannot save the plays you design within the program. They are saved in your pictures, how dumb is that. I want to have a playbook that I can go to for plays, not have to search through my pictures in the huddle. I would not recommend this until they can make the whole process self contain and seamless.

Running plays!!!

I love your app however I coach 8-9 year olds and we run more then pass can you please add some running plays and can we add our owe plays to the app. Thank you

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