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5-Man Flag Football Plays-Offense

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Flag Football Plays! Whether you’re a QB or not, coming up with plays can help get your team further each game. It’s that play that took it to the Touchdown, or converted the critical 4th down. The Play to set you apart from an average team and rank you with the best!

"Creating plays is a breeze, I create a photo album for Offense and Defensive plays to show my team easily"

Version 4.0:
“Visual Field” has gone 11-on-11!

Version 3.0:
- Find Names and Phone Numbers by your contact list.
- Create a message and send it to your team by SMS!
- Have a preset message ready to go each week, quickly change the times and send it away!!
- SMS is available!

(This version will be for IOS Version 4.0 and above only)
(SMS Carrier service charges may still apply)

__________ Description ___________
+ Offensive Play Designed Each WEEK! (10 Weeks Guaranteed)
> Opening day 5 PLAYS!!!
> Each play is broken down for best results.
> Defensive to run play on!
> Down!
> Yards!

+ Roster page to help make sure you have the positions and team for the days game.

+ 2 Custom Web Pages! Save youre favorite websites!!!!
(I use it one for Schedule and one for Stats!)

+ Gear Bag Checklist

+ “Visual Field”
+ Design Your Own Play!
> Set the formation.
> Draw Straight lines!
> Save it to your library!
Move players around, and show team where the defense is and where they should be, and now Draw Plays too!
Up to 11 Offense, 11 Defense, 11 cones!
__ Draw new perfect plays in seconds! __

+ 5 Play Opening Drive Sequence! Maybe its just my team, but its one that has proven successful Time after Time!

>>>>>> We started with 10 Plays and have added since day 1!

*The plays on this app are online. Some features of the app will need Edge, 3G, or Wi-Fi.
*4.3.1 Tested

B.C. Apps is ready to help take your team to the Big Game! Enjoy this app with your team and help take them further! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact

Great Thanks to putting us in the Top 150 sports apps!